Super Hero's Challenge

Cut Scene Editor

I talked with my friend Bill, He will be working on the cut scenes. Welcome Bill! He suggested the Cut Scene Editor be similar to a non-linier editing system and should include Tracks. Tracks being chunks of video that can be overlapped and moved.

Now, here's more on the Editing system. You'll be able to move all the charecters in the scene, and set up cameras, lights, and objects. The user should be able to manipulate all objects in the scene. When an object is moved a key frame is set and the objects movement is recorded. Essentially a point and click interface.

P.S. Bill also wants to give Gnorm a spot in the game.


Cell Shading

You may think its not possible for ust to do the game in cell shading, espically from 3d models. Right? Well I'm posting a link on resources on how to do it--in real time! I'll also be posting it in the links section. So have fun!

Sourceforge Acccepted!

We've now have the go ahead from to begin developement on our project, yes thats the title Super Hero's Challenge. REmember if you want to participate email me PsychoAlienDog [at] gmail [DOT] com.


I have just submitted the application for Sourceforge Keep your fingers crossed! :D

UNIX name:

Descriptive name: Super Hero's Challenge

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Public description: Super Hero's Challenge, Is a Single Player Role Playing Game based around the ideas created by PsycoAlienDog. This will also contain a scriptable plot structure, and several more unusual RPG Features that are still in developement.

Registration description: Super Hero's Challenge will be a single player role playing game. It will be written in C++ using Open GL. Due to current limitations the game will be devloped under Windows, but when more resources and expirence are at our disposal, we hope to support many more OS's. The primary goal is to create a game that provides endless entertainment to the players. It will offer a scriptable plot, so the game could be replayed with out having play the same game over again. This game will employ Trades, such as carpenter, weapons smith, and of course the super hero. The biggest problem we will encounter is lack of experience in advanced programming, but this project should help correct that. This project is going an extension expirerience of building a similar, but much more simplified, game in QBasic.


I been told that maybe a MMORPG may be a little too much for now. So, heres a reformualtion Single Player RPG, then later add an MMOPlugin or something, possibly for charge. The reason I do not wish to completely abandon the Idea of a MMORPG is that I like the community feel of the proposed MMORPG. But I do have to agree with Kevin, it is a bit much for a bunch of ametures. SO, we shall build and perfect the core engine, and when the time comes we will release havoc on the Internet.

Afew Technical Specs:

  • Written in C++
  • using openGL
  • Scriptable plot structure
  • Single player, for now
  • realtime 3D

PAD 'n Friends

It has been 3 years since I last made a game. I hunger for yet another one. This one is going to be bigger, better, and not written in QBasic. This one is going to be an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Last time I co-wrote it with my friend Kevin, over many months and caffinated beverages, however this one isn't that easy. I will need lots of little, or not so little, helpers; These will include:

  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Programmers
  • and mostly creative peeps (and not of the marshmallow variety, although they wouldn't hurt)
You may be saying whats with that title "PAD 'n Friends?" Unfortunately nothing is with it, it is a very lonely not creative title. The good part is its just temporary! :D

On to the important stuff:

Whats this game about?

Roughly, Psycho Alien Dog, but thats not it! To make a long story short, Feather Ann was captured! Oh no! Poor Psycho :( It's now a Superhero's Inc. top priority find her and stick it to the ones who captured her.

How can a MMORPG have a Plot?

I'm working on that one, Its probably going to be something along the lines of a scriptable plot where it can change after the mission is completed.

Well, then how can a charecter advance when all you do is pick up stuff?

Yes!... This is where the beauty of MMORPG's comes in handy, just because your playing the game doesn't mean you have to directly contribute to (or against!) the mission at hand, this kind of stuff should be handled by Super Heros (for the safety of the public).

Public! Public! what do you mean PUBLIC!?

Yes, I envision social classes. What ever you do in the game affects you good, bad, rich, or poor.

How does the classes (social and otherwise) work?

When you start off you are essentially a teenager, just out of high school so to speak; you have no experince, no class (Har Har, I know that one's been done before). As you venture through your post-high-school life you have two choices: become a Super Hero or learn a trade. If you choose to be a Super Hero you must help with the current mission in order to even be considered to be a trainee. To learn a trade you must study as an apprentence to learn the desired trade.

Loose Ends:

Lastly this project will be Open Source! Yes free as in William Wallace, Home of the Brave, not wearing any underpants free. If you wish to participate in this project please email me or post a reply to this message.


P.S. I change my mind on the marshmallow peeps, yum!

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